VedaVyasa - 7

The five brothers discussed the issue and decided that all the five should marry Draupadi. Dharmaraya remembered thewords of sage Vyasa when he was in Ekchakranagara. But naturally Drupada, Draupadi's father did not agree to the strange proposal. What should be the next course of action? When everyone was seriously thinking about what should be done next, Vedavyasa their saviour made his appearance. He listened to everyone. The he had a private conference withKunti. Then he took Drupada aside and said,"O great king, I know it is not advisable for one woman to marry many men.It is against tradition and the world would not approve of it. But these Pandavas are not ordinary people. They aresemi-divine. Draupadi is also not an ordinary woman. She came out the fire of a Yagna. It is ordained by God that sheis born to be the wife the five Pandavas. It is a divine secret. King Drupada, I am going to grant you a boon. As aresult of that you are going to get divine eues and then you will see the Pandavas in their real form." With the divineeyes, Drupada could see the real forms of the Pandavas and Draupadi and was pleasantly surprised. Then he prostrated before sage Vyasa, holding his feet he said,"It is not a surprise that you have such great power as to see the past and the future. My pranams to you." He was almost sobbing when he uttered these words. Thne in the presence of Vedavyasa, the Pandavas married Draupadi under the religious supervision of the royal priest sage Dhaumya. Then the Pandavaswent to Hastinapura, got their share of the kngdom and began to rule over it from Indraprastha. They had to build theircapital. As suggested ny sage Narada, Dharmaraya decided to perform Rajasuyayaga. He consulted Sri Krishna and beganthe yaga.

Vedavyasa assumed the role of Brahma(He is one who supervises a yajna and should be person who knows everything aboutthe performance of the yajna) in the yagna. The yajna was successfully completed according to shastraic dictates.Allthe guests left Indraprastha. Vedavyasa came to say bye to Dharmaraya.

harrmaraya received the sage along with his brothers and made him sit on a seat of honour. The sage asked the Pandavasto sit down and he addressed the following words to Dharmaraya,"O son of Kunti, you are extremely lucky. You haveacquired the exhalted status of an emperor. All your predecessors have become famous as a result of your great success.You have honoured me in the fittest way possible and am very much pleased. Now I must leave you. May God bless you all.Dharmaraya touched the sage's feet again and said,"O most workshipful sage, while telling the good and bad effectsof this yaga, sage Narada told me that, there would be a number of calamities experienced on the earth, in the skyand in heaven.Shall I presume that such calamities would have ended with the killing of Shishupala during the yaga?

Great sage Vyasa said ,"Dharmaraya, such calamities would appear anytime during the next thirteen years andthey would show bad effects. A few years from now, the kings of the earth would fight against each other, some of them taking your cause and get completely destroyed. Duryodhana's sinful deed would also be the cause of this annihilation.Strength of Bhima snd Arjuna would result in the destruction of Kshatriyas. During the last part of this night you will have a strange dream in which you going to see Parashiva in a terribly frightening form seated on a bull lookingsouthwards. That would be a pointer to what is going to happen. You do not need to know about it. Be careful and braveand rule the land righteously." So saying the sage took leave of the Pandavas and travelled towards the HimalayasDharmaraya began to rule righteously.

The Kauravas could not tolerate the great progress and the success of the Pandavas. Duryodhana sought the permissionfrom his father, the king and invited the Pandavas to a game of dice. It was a custom among Kshatriyas not to refusean invitation to a game of dice and though unwilling. Dharmaraya had to accept it. As a result of Shakuni's unfair moves Pandavas lost everything and they had to go to the forest for twelve years and one year of life incognito.The Pandavas along with Draupadi left for the forest not satisfied with that, the Kaurvas went to the forest with ahuge army to kill the Pandavas. Sage Vyasa came to know about Duryodhana's wicked designs and he straightway came toKamyakavana where the Kaurava army was camping. He stood before Duryodhana and asked him to come down from his chariot.Duryodhana and his friends came down and stood before the sage, downcast, like erring children.

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