"natho Vishishtam pashyami bandhavan vimrishamtyaham" my dear child, I know things well, there is no greater relation than one's husband, you also live like that". She blessed Sita whole heartedly. Sita listened to Anasuya with great attention and devotion. In her reply we see sweetness and humility. "Mother, it is my duty to follow my husband whatever he be. When such is the case, my husband has all the good qualities, kind, and forbearing. He loves me deeply. He is loving to me as my own father or mother." she praises Sri Rama with overflowing love and admiration.

Anasuya's heart was filled with joy to see one like herself. She makes Sita up. Gave her rare jewels and dresses as gifts. She had a great desire to know about the marriage of Sri Rama and Sita from Sita herself. She asked Sitato narrate it.

When the great tapasvini asked Sita to tell her the story of her marriage, she gladly agreed to do so. She bagan."The king of Mithila was well known as Janaka. He is a great warrior and a righteous king. He never swerved from the path of rajadharma. His rule was just, peaceful and prosperous. When he was plaoughing the land, the tip of the plough while breaking up and bringing the deeper layer of the soil up, brought me out, for I was lying buried in the earth. This way I became the daughter of king Janaka. The king was getting ready to sow seeds and he saw me covered with dust. He was surprised to see a baby on the feild in that condition. As he had no children at that time he was very happy and lifted me up and placed me on his lap. He fonled me with great love.

I brought him good luck. He became richer. He put me under the care of his eldest queen. She loved me deeply. She brought me up with a mother's love and care. I began to grew up. When I reached the age of marriage, he became worried, for he thought sending me away would be most painful.

She continued "Arye, even if the father of a girl who has attained the age of marriage happens to be equal in status to Indra, if he fails to perform his daughter's marriage in time he would be put to shame by one and all in the society.

"If I fail in my duty as a father, people, my own subjects will not leave me. They will put me to shame"he wailed."His position was like that of a man who jumped into a fast flowing river, but did not know how to swim. He was deeply disturbed. He did not know how to get out of his problem. Further he knew that I was not born of a woman. He had to search for a suitable young man to be my husband. Even after a long search, he could not find a suitable young man and this doubled his worries. Finally, being very wise, an idea flashed to him. He decided to arrange my marriage according to swayamvara custom.

"When my father completed a great yajna Varunadeva was immensely pleased with him and gave him a divine bow and two shafts full of arrows and those shafts would never become empty. It was the bow of Lord Shiva. It was too very heavy for an ordinary warrior to lift, not even to push it aside. Great warriors came to show their strength and skill in archery and none of them could lift it and shoot an arrow from it. My father placed the great bow in the front hall and invited kings, princes and warriors to try their skill and win me. He announced that Sita, his daughter would be given in marriage to the hero who lifted the bow and shot an arrow from it.

"Arye, all those who came to Mithila were overawed by the immense size of the bow and bowed to it and left to their capitals.

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