Birth of Vedavyasa

Parashara was a grandson of Brahmarshi Vasista. One day he came to the bank of the Ganga. He had to cross the Ganga.There was a colony of fishermen and their cheif was Dasharaja.Once the fisherfolk caught a very big fish. When they cut it open, to their great surprise, they saw two children inits womb, one was a baby boy and the other was a baby girl. Dashraja went to the king of the region and narrated themiracle and offered the two children to him. The king kept the boy for himself and gave the girl back to Dashraja.

Dasharaja was very glad to have the baby girl and she was named Satyavathi. Might be, she was born of a fish, her body smelt fish. This earned her the nick-name Matsya-gandhi. When she grew up naturally she learnt her family tradeand she became an adept in rowing boats. She would row people across the Ganga and she did not take any fee for the service.

She came to know that the sage Parashara desired to cross the Ganga and she gladly offered to take him across the river. She made him sit in the boat and began to row the boat. They almost reached half the distance when saw a smallisland.

Parashara who was omniscient knew that it was a very auspicious time. That was the time when a great manshould take birth in this world. Scholors always compare time to great river.Parashara who knew the significance of that period of time spoke to Satyavathi. He said "Satyavathi, if you are willingyou have the food fortune to become the proud mother of a great man the present time is very auspicious for the birthof a great man. This great is going to become a great teacher of mankind. He would teach them the meaning and imporatanceof dharama,(righteousness) artha(wealth) and kama(desires) and moksha(ultimate salvation). He will codify and classifythe Vedas which are the basis of all religions and he will be successful in continuing the tradition of the vedas.Hewill re-establsih the vedic tradition in the world. He will write a great epic in the form of simple and comprehensiblestories to make every one understand that one can attain moksha(salvation) by following the vedic tradition. The entire world is looking forward to the birth of this great man. Satyavathi was happy to become the mother of a greatson and therefore she agreed to have such a son.

On that little island she conceived with the blessings of sage Parashara and a child was born. It was a wonderful child. As soon as it was born, it grew up into a five years old boy. He stood before his mother, touched her feet and said,"I cannot stay with you. I have to learn a lot. When you feel that you need my help, you call me in your own mind,and I will come and help you solve your problem." So saying he went with his father. With the blessings of sage Parasharaand bearing a great son to Parashara, the bad smell from her body disappeared. Naturally a wonderful pleasant fragrancebegan to emanate from her body. The fragrance from her body would spread around her to a radius of one yojana(14.58 kms)and therefore she came to be called yojangandhi.

Vyasa's Lineage

Sage Vedavyasa was the greatest grandson pf Vasista the best among the sages, the grandson of sage Shakti and the sonof sage Parashara. He is the father of sage Shuka and this is how his lineage has been given.

Vyasam Vashishta naptaram Shakteh Pautramakalmasham
Parashaaratmakam Vande Shukatatm taponidhim

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