Agastya is one among the great Maharishis from this great country. He was born with the blessings of Lord Mahavishnu. We get very important information about Agstya in our history and epics. We can construct Agastya's life history based on these details.
Birth of Agastya

Ikshhwaku was a famous king in the solar line of kings. His son was Nimi. After he became king he wanted to performa yaga. Sage Vashishta was the royal priest and the king approached him and asked him to help in performing the yaga. Vasishta had already given word to Devendra to help him in performing a yaga in heaven at the same time.Vasishta could not agree to help Nimi and he said,"I will come and perform the duty of a ritwik after I return from Devendra's yajna."

The king was not happy at the reply. He returned to the palace without uttering a word. The king in the meantime got the yajna performed with the help of sage Shathanand, the son of sage Gowthama by the time Vasishta returned from heaven. On his return sage Vasishta came to the king. Vasishta was made to wait as the king did not know about the sage's arrival and he was sleeping soundly.

Vasishta got angry at the improper conduct of the king. He thought,"Nimi being a powerful king is proud. After performing the yagna he has become very arrogant. He seemed to have given a go by to politeness and respect for elders. He has not even received me. Let such an arrogant king die."He thus heaped a curse on him.

The king came to know about Vasishta's curse. He was sure that he was going to die soon as a result of the sage'scurse.He was very sad. Nimi was also a great tapasvi and he had power to curse others. He decided to retaliate. He thought "Vasishta cursed me, knowing that I was asleep." Therefore, Vasishta, you are also going to die soon. Nimi died immedietely. Vasishta came to know that he was cursed by the king. Vashishta came to know that he was cursed by the king. Vasishta came to know that he was cursed by the king. Vasishta was immortal and pure, he left his body assumed a body of divine light and went to Brahmaloka.

He met Lord Brahma and told him the details of his encounter with king Nimi and what followed, Brahma said,"O great Brahmarshi, I know everything. A lot of work has got to be done by you and you are the suthradhara of a numberof things to be done in the world. Therefore you have to get a new body with the help of Mithra-Varuna and return to the world and resume the work assigned to you."

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