Brahma's Manasputras

One of the most worshipful among these rishis is Atri. He is considered one among the great seven sages. Atri is one among the gotrakartas. Those who have come in the line of Atri are called Atreyasas.

Our tradition believes that this earth and life on it was created by Lord Brahma(The Creater). He had seven sons born of his mind. They are


They are great tapasvis and we get references to them from time of the Vedas to the time of the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. They are called "Saptharishis"- Seven Sages. They are seen shining brightly and as a symbol, we recognise them as Saptarshimandala in the galaxy. We worship them on occasions like Upanayana, Upakarma or other religious performances such as Rishi Panchami and so on. Thus worshipping our great sages, getting to know aout their lives and following the footsteps of such great men has become part of our great tradition. It is only by doing these that we satisfy our obligation known as 'rishirina' and become blessed.

Atri, the benefactor of mankind

Let us now try to know more about Atri who is one of the seven sages.
"Atreyaca namastubhyam Sarvaloka hitaishini
Shuddha rupaya Satyaga, brahmanemita tejase "

Atri the one who always thinks of the welfare of the world, the purest among human beings, all knowing the most radiant and the upholder of truth. This is the essence of the hymn above praising this great sage. Though he was the all radiant incarnation of Lord Brahma himself, he was always interested in the welfare of the people who inhabit the earth. he was both divinity and humanity combined in one.

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