Agastya - 2

Lord Brahma's order was carried out. Through Mithra and Varuna two Maharishis were born. First came Maharishi Agastya. Then came Vasishta who knew the secrets of the Vedas. As Vasishta was born after Agastya, Vasishta came to be considered younger to Agastya. Agastya did not need to learn the vedas and other subjects through someone. He knew everything at birth. He was an expert in the use of weapons. He became very famous. Sage Agnivesha was the disciple of Agastya.He was the disciple of Agastya. Agnivesha was the preceptor of Dronacharya.

The story of Ilvala and Vatapi

Long long ago there was a demon by name Ilvala in the city of Manimathi. He was very brave. He had a brother by name Vatapi. Once Ilvala invited a tapasvi brahmin, played host to him with reverence and begged him to grant a boon. He desired to have a son equal to Devendra. But the brahmin did not oblidge. Ilvala become very angry with the brahmin. This made him hate the entire brahmin community and he began to kill brahmins. He was very very wise.He devised a plan.He knew the art of magic. Besides, he was arrogant and short tempered.He would turn his brother Vatapi into a goat. He would invite a chaste brahmin. He would cut the goat and cook it while the guest went for a bath. When the guest returned he would serve him food. He had a strange power. When he shouted loudly the name of a dead person, the latter would come alive. When the brahmin left him after the meal, he would call his brother Vatapi whom he had turned into a goat and killed. He would shout, "Vatape athragacha."Vatapi would rip open the stomach of the brahmin and come out laughing. The brahmin would roll on the ground and die. In this way Ilvala would invite many brahmins everyday and kill them.

Once it was Agstya's turn to be invited by Ilvala. Agastya came to Ilvala and the sage was received with reverence and great honour. Then he was invited to have food. As per his practice he had turned Vatapi into a goat, killed him and cooked food. Agastya knew what Ilvala was upto. Agastya ate the food served to him. As soon as the sage finished eating Ilvala called,"Vapate atragacha."(Vatapi come here/out)Immediately Agastya passed his right hand over his stomach and said,"Vatape Jeernobhava"(Vatape get digested).Vapate could not come out of Durvasa's stomach and that was the end of the demon. Ilvala, was scared. He went on shouting "Vapate atragacha" Agastya began to laugh and then he said,"Lo,you wicked Ilvala, you wanted to kill me,but your brother Vatapi cannot come out and he is already digested."

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