This blog will share about the Great Maharishis or Sages of Ancient India.These are the sages who built our great culture. Who are Rishis? A: Rishis are great tapasvis, who have made supreme sacrifices. As many think, they are not people who were in suffron clothes and renounced life. Many among them had wives and children. "Shaishavebhyasta Vidyanam yavvane vishyaishinam Vardhaka muni vrithnam yogenanthe thanuthyajam" They are the great souls who have found out the truth and devoted their life, energy and experience for the welfare of the people of this planet.They were extraordinary human beings having great wisdom, vast experience and character worthy of imitation. They gifted everything to the world without seeking fame or any kind of gain.Welfare of the world was their sole object. " Loka Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu " - Let all be in peace. We have collected some astronishing and wiser stories of 10 such Great Sages of all times. 1. Atri. 2. Gauthama. 3. Agastya. 4. Parashurama. 5. Vashishta. 6. Vishwamitra. 7. Vedavyasa. 8. Narada. 9. Markandeya. 10.Durvasa. All the rules of good life apply to them. When they were young boys they received education in gurukulas,when they came of age they led family life and in old age, they retired to forsts and lived there with their wives exercising strict control over their senses. All the while they were engaged in meditation and thinking in the peaceful environs of forests. They engaged in teaching those who came seeking knowledge, at the same time providing them food and shelter. The couple played the dual role of teachers and parents at the same time. Teaching did not mean just teaching Vedantha. It was imparting knowledge and wisdom, essential to lead successful life. The subjects taught in their gurukulas included languages and literature, grammar, prosodyastrology, astronomy,morphology,sculpture, science of welfare, medicine performing yagna and yagas and so on. More useful subjects were taught in those gurukulas than our renowned universities teach today.Rishis who were great men of wisdom were teachers in those gurukulas. They were committed to knowledge, wisdom and the process of imparting them to their students.