Vasishta 9

It was during this period that Vasishta was again wandering in the forest with Adrishyanthi Kalmashapada saw themand he rushed at Adrishyanthi and tried to gobble her up. Adrishyanthi ran to Vashishta for help. Vasishtawho was mercy incarnate took a little water from his holy water-pot and sprinkled it on the demon chanting ahymn. Lo! The terrible looking demon's body changed into the handsome human figure of king Saudasa. The king fell atthe sage's feet and begged for forgiveness. He said,"O great sage, I made a mistales because I was arrogant pleasesave me".

Though Kalmashapada had put Vasishta to untold sufferings, the great sage forgot all about the past and pardonedhim. He said,"O king never put a brahmin to shame. Never be proud and arrogant. treat everyone with respect. MayGod bless you. Go back to your country and rule over it righteously". He blessed the king wholeheartedly. Theking lived for a long time as a good king.

Parashara grew up in Vasishta's Ashram and learnt all the Vedas and Shastras from his grandfather. He used to call the sage father. His mother felt sad and one day she told him all that happened to his father. Parashara becae angry and he decided to kill the king.

Vasishta calmed the young sage and said,"Son, Parashara,revenge is bad. Your father could have given way to the king,but Shakti made a mistake and a result of it, we had to suffer great tradegy. Please do not repeat the msitake.Donot wate the power of tapas. Now saudasa has become a good king. Donot bring disaster to the land." Parasharalistened to his grandfather patiently and realised that his words had great truth in them. He gave up the ideaof revenge. With the blessings of sage Vasishta, the royal couple Saudasa and Madayanthi had a son by nameAshmaka. They were happy. Parashara became one of the greatest scholars. His son Vyasa became an all knowingperson.

The deathless sage, Brahmarshi Vasishta, it is believed, is sill one of the saptarishis and has been looking afterthe welfare of the world, trying to establish the rule of law on earth.


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