Viswamitra 12

Viswamithra knew how great and powerful the two princes were. On the way he intiated Sri Rama into the use of severalinvincible weapons he had got from Lord shiva and also into bala-atibala mantras. He adviced Sri Rama to kill demonTataki and save the World. Later Sri Rama killed Maricha and Subahu, the two demons who were defiling Viswamithra's Yajnaat Sidharshama. Viswamithra told them a number of great stories which made the two princes richer. Viswamithra gotAhalaya realsed from the curse and brought the two princes to the court of king Janaka. He encouraged Sri Rama to wield.the divine bow of Shiva, thus helping in bringing about the marriages of Rama and Sita, Lakshamana and Urmila, Bharatha and Mandavi and Shathrugna and Shruthakirti. These events brought king Janaka and the royal family of Suryavamsha together.After this event Viswamithra thought that by gettign a number of demons killed by Sri Rama, releasing Ahalaya fromthe curse, and bringing about the relationship between the two royal families by getting the divine bow of Shivabroken by Sri Rama he had paved the way for the welfare of the world. As he thought he had nothing much to do withthe world, he decided to entire to the forest to continue his tapas.

The very next day he expressed his heart's desire to the king and got ready to leave for the forest. On that occasionJanaka's royal priest Sage Shantananda narrated the story of Viswamithra becoming a Brahmarshi and said,"O greatBrahmarshi, you are a blessed one. You stay with us for sometime and bless us. You are the guardian of dharma andwe do not desire you to leave us". The king and his people worshipped Viswamithra. They felt sad when he left. Justbefore leaving he gave a few words of advice to all those assembled there. He said,"O great citizens of his holy land,follow the path of righteousness. It will help you to attain salvation". Then he left for the Himalayas. They stoodlooking at him as far as their eyes could reach the moving figure, bowed to him again and again and in one voice said,"ViswamithraJayathu, Jayathu Viswamithra". When he reached his ashram he sat in meditation for a long time.

At the end of that he attained the exalted position of being one of the seven sages(Saptarishis) and even in this Vaivasvatha Manvanthara, he has been guiding light to all righteous people by blessing them with the all powerfulGayathri Mantra.

Summary:Brahmarshi Viswamithra's life story is wonderful and thrilling. It shows us that a man of resolution can attain theimpossible if he perseveres. It is the history of a great friend of the world. His devotion to duty has made us dutybound. It is an appropiate example to prove that we are not just theoreticians. If we can keep away our desired, angerand other bad qualities, we can become firends to the entire world. Let us hope to follow the foot steps of this great soul.


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