VedaVyasa - 8

Sage Vyasa said,"I understand, you are going to fight with the Pandavas and kill them. It is rank bad. Get back toyour capital forthwith." Duryodhana and others turned back without a word. Sage Vyasa decided to speak to Dhritarashtraand give him a piece of advice and therefore he came to Hastinapura. He met the king and said,"Dhitarashtra, I have come here to do some good to you and your sons. Listen to me carefully. Your sons played the game of dice with thePandavas and won the game by unfair means and sent the righteous Pandavas to the forest. I did not like this. Afterspending thirteen years in the forest, they would back and wreak vengeance on your sons. Your sons and their friendsmay have no answer to their terrible arrows. Duryodhana's greed for power has no limits. He went to the forest wherethe Pandavas live with a huge army with the intention of killing them. Don't you think your foolish son who went to killinnocent Pandavas, is rank bad? Please advice him to give up such designs. If he does it again, I have no doubt, he would not return alive. The Pandavas are your own people. Fighting with them is sinful. It is not going to bring aboutyour welfare. Order Duryodhana strictly not to trouble the Pandavas. Advice him properly. You can do something else.Ask Duryodhana to do to the forest and let him live with the Pandavas for sometime. He will learn goodness from themand their confidence in your son would increase. If that happens, you are the luckiest person in this world. You will be blessed.

"Call Vidura, Bhishma and Droana, discuss the issue threadbare and come to a positive conclusion. Now is the time youhave to do it.

If you do not do it now , your entire race is going to face disaster.
"Repentant Dhritarashtra said, "O revered sage, Vidura, Bhishma, Droana and Gandhari did not give their consent to inviting the Pandavas for the game of dice. Atfirst I opposed it myself. But I had to concede when Duryodhana pressed me hard. I know playing dice is bad and it is associated with a number of evils, but I consented on being forced. Idid not want to hurt Duryodhana. I confess to having agreed to this evil deed on account of my misplaced love for my son. I am not in a position to renounce him either."

Then sage Vyasa said,"dritrashtra, I agree with you that a father should love his son. The bond of love between parentsand children is very strong. Long ago Devendra saw the divine cow. Kamadhenu shedding tears. when he asked her whyshe was crying lookinf at her son being tortured by a farmer on the earth. she saw him beating hard her son who couldnot pull the plaough as he was very weak. One of two oxen was strong enough but the other, was very weak. He cannotget up and the farmer is twisting his tail and beating him. I am feeling sorry foe my son." Then Devendra said"Thousands of your sons are made to pull the plough every day. Why are you so much concerned with just one of them?"To which Kamadhenu said,"You are right , the king of gods. All are my children, but my love goes out to this weak son of mine."

"Dritrashtra, your love for your son is natural. But you brother's sons the Pandavas are orphans. You occupy theirfather's place. You have on hundered and one children. Pandu has only five. They are suffering hell for no faultof theirs. What should happen to them? How should they come up in life? I am really worried about them. when I thinkof the troubles they are experiencing, my heart goes out to them. Dhritarashtra, if you desire that your sons should live, make peace with them forth with. Order Duryodhana to follow suit.

Dhritrashtra said,"Bhagwan, my son does not listen to me. You kindly order him to follow the path of dharma.""O king, after meeting the Pandavas, sage Maitherya will come here. He would order Duryodhana to follow the path ofdharma to save your clan. If he refused to take his advice, he would get angry and curse him. Please have this in mind." So saying sage Vyasa left the place.

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