Parashurama - 10

Devas have already asked Bhisham not to fght any more." Parashurama was not in a mood to listen to them. He said,"Ihave an oath not to leave the battlefeild until I defeat Bhishma. If you think that this battle is to stop, ask Bhishma to leave the battlefeild." Narada, Rchika and pithru devas asked Bhishma to stop fighting. Then divine Gangaappeared before Parashurama and asked his to stop the fight. At that Parashurama relented and decided to stop the fight. Once again the light radiant faced brahmins appeared before Bhishma and asked him to go and speak to Parashuramaand please him. Bhishma agreed to do so.
He approached Parashurama and touched his feet. The sage's anger had already subsided and said,"Bhisham there is no oneequal to you in this world. I am happy as a result of this encounter. You can go back home."Then he called Amba before Bhishma and said,"Dear child, as you have seen, though I fought bravely I have failed todefeat Bhishma. I have promised you to get you justice. It is beyond me and I have failed to fulfill it." But Ambacould not accept. She said,"It is fine, Now I am going to acquire strngth to kill Bhishma in a battle, I am notunhappy with you." So saying she left the place.
Parashurama was born in the family of Brahmarshis. could he indulge in killing thousands of people? He had killedthousands of kshatriyas are people who protect land and its people. when that is the case, a question arises. That is,'Is it not a sin?' But we have to remember that a kshtriya's duty is to protect people. When they give up theirbounden duty, and became highly arrogant and proud, and begin troubling people, they should be stopped from doing so.At that time the earth was full of such wicked kings and Lord Vishnu took an incarnation in the form of Parashuramaand rid the world of the wicked Kshatriyas. Therefore it is not right to say that he destroyed kshtriyas without thinking about the appropriateness of his act. He had killed only the wicked ones and spared the righteous ones.The righteous kings such as Dasharatha, Janaka and Shanthanu and many others were spared.
It is also wrong to say that he did not teach archery to Kshatriyas. The greatest among the Kshtriyas, Bhishma was oneof the best among his students.
Bhishma was honest and righteous and therefore he deserved his blessings. He taught faithfully and as a result of itBhishma became invincible. Karna on the other hand acted dishonestly and had to face his wrath. Still Parashurama waskind to him. Karna had served him devotedly and therefore he blessed him to be invincible.
The incident in which Parashurama challenged Sri Ramachandra, another of Lord Vishnu's incarnation, and lost his faceand that is to be considered an instance of divine dispensation. The object of Parashurama's incarnation was over andSri Rama had to continue the former's work. This makes us believe that the divine Vaishava bow and its divine power gotinto Sri Rama's personality.
Oblattions to Lord Parashurama who saved the world from evil forces and established the rule of law in it.
This is the divine story of the great tapasvi, invincible hero, the best among brahmanas, self respecting and omniscentBhagavan Parashurama.


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