Parashurama - 7

Once Parashurama had to perform a severe Vrita and he became very tired. He wanted to have rest. He placed his head onKarna's lap as he had earned his teacher's love and confidence as the best among his disciples. Therefore Parashuramamade Karna's lap as a pillow and fell asleep. As soon as the teacher fell asleep a terrible beetle which lived on humanflesh and blood, began to bore a hole in karna's thigh. It drank blood and ate flesh and a lot of blood spilt on thefloor. He suffered the pain silently as he did not want to disturb the sleeping teacher. He did not try to scare awaythe beetle either. As minutes passed, a lot of blood flowed on the floor and the warmth of the bood made the teacherwake up from his asleep. He got up in a huff. He said,"Son my body had got polluted as a result of the touch of bloodand flesh. What has happened? Tell me the truth . Do not hide anything.
Karna said," O revered acharya, please pardon me for what has happened. A beetle came and began to bore my thigh andit caused the damage. I did not want to disturb your sleep and therefore I tolerated the pain and sat without moving." Theteacher began to have doubts about his disciple's identity. He grew wild and said,"No brahmin will ever, tolerate such pain.You fool tell me who you are. You told me you are a brahmin and became my disciple. You are not a brahmin. Knowingthat I hate Kshtriyas, you told me a lie and you have cheated me. Be honest and tell me the truth."
"O revered one, I am neither a brahmana nor a Kshtriya. I am the son of a charoiteer. My name is Karna. As I am theson of my mother Radha, I am called Radheya. People call me by the name. As I was eager to learn the use of divineweapons I had to do it. Show mercy on me. Do not get angry with me. When I came here I told you a lie that I was a brahmin and belonged to the Bhargava clan. I thought the person who teaches me is equal to my father and thereforeI said I belong to your clan. I have not done this with any bad intention. Kindly bless me."
"So saying Karna fell at the feet of Parashurama. Parashurama was burning with anger. It came out in the form of a curse. He shouted.
"You have cheated me. You deserve severe punishment. Listen, you will remember all that I have taught only until you meet your equal. The moment you meet your equal you will forget all I have taught you including the use of the invincible Brahmastra. May you forget the most important thing when you need most.But you served me with devotion allthese days. Therefore you will be a highly skilled warrior and be very famous.
There is a section in the Mahabharata called Ambopakyana. That related to Amba the daughter of Kashiraja. Parashuramaand Bhshma fought a terrible battle on account of her.
Bhishma had vowed to remember a bachelor for life. He had to get a suitable bride for his cousin Vichitra Virya. Inthose days Kashiraja was a very famous king. He had three daughters by name Amba, Ambalika and Ambika. When they cameof marriageable age, he had arranged for their Swayambara. Young princes had come to his court from all parts of thecountry. Bhishma was one among them, but he did not have the intention of winning the hands of a princesses and marryingthem.He was there for his cousin. In those days Kshtraiya warriors used to win princesses by their valour and accordinglyBhishma won the three daughters of Kashiraja and carried them towards Hastinapur. A number of princes got angry withhis act and they collectively attacked him. Bhishma was invincible on the battlefield and none could defeat him. Hewon hands down. They left the battlefeild crestfallen.
Among the three, first one, Amba wanted to marry king Salva. She loved him and he loved her too. She told Bhishmaabout her desire. Bhishma consulted mother Satyavathi and the ministers and decided to send Amba to King Salva.Accordinglyhe made arrangements to send her to him with all honour.

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