Narada 3

After a very long time Lord Brahma though of creating the world all over again. To begin with, Prajapathis, the fathersof humanity were created and four Sanaka brothers and Narada came out of the Lord's body.

Narada came out of the Lord's thigh. One of the Prajapathis by name Daksha asked his sons to continue the work of creation. For that purpose he wanted them to perform penance. They went to secluded places and began to perform penance. Narada chanced to go to the place assigned to him. He preached them renunciation. He succeded in changingtheir mind and they gave up worldy desires. They began to follow the path of salvation. Daksha had a few more sonslater and Narada succeeded in changing their minds too. Daksha Prajapathi became very sad. He was angry with Narada.He called Narada and said,"Narada , the great creator, our father Brahma had entrusted to me the task of creation. Ientrusted the work to my sons. You intervened and changed their mind. They disobeyed me because of you. You don'ttolerate other's happiness. Take this curse. May you be ever quarrelsome. Be wandering all over the world without a fixed place to dwell in."

As a result of his own brother's curse, Narada began to roam about in the three worlds. Fortunately for the world,this curse turned out to be a boom. Narada, playing on his Veena by name Mahati, began to sing in praise of the lord and roamedabout doing good to all living beings.

Lord Brahma had a son by name Swayambhuva Manu. He had two sons namely Priyavratha and Uttanapada. King Uttanpadahad two queens in Suneethi and Suruchi. Though Suneethi was the elder, the king loved Suruchi more. The king had twosons Prince Dhruva from Suneethi and Uttama from younger queen.

One day king Uttanapada was palying with Uttama and his mother, the queen was sitting beside him. The king took Uttamaand placed him on his lap and kissed him. Just at that moment Prince Dhruva came running to his father. He wanted to climb up his father's knees on his lap. The king did not welcome the child. Proud suruchi, who was sitting beside himfelt jelous of him and said,"Child Dhruva, you have no right to sit on the throne of this land. You may be the elderson of the king. But I am not your mother. Therefore you cannot succeed your father. You are born of some other woman.You are trying to acheive the impossible. You don't know what you are doing. If you are desirous of climbing the thronego to the forest, perform penance, please Lord Srimannarayana and with his grace you may be born as my son and onlythat would give you the right to claim the throne. Is it clear to you?

Dhurva was shocked at first to listen to his step mother words. This shock turned into anger. Like a wounded cobra, beinghit by someone with a stick he began to breathe heavily and it sounded like a snake's hissing. He looked at his father. Poor king the hen pecked husband, looked at Dhurva helplessly, without even uttering a single word. The youngprince felt humiliated. He began to sob and ran to his mother. He reported to her how he had been illtreated and humiliated.

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