Narada 4

The queen felt very sad when she heard what Dhruva said. Quickly she composed herself and began to speak soothingwords to her son. "My dear child,Don't cry. Calm yourself. Don't scold step mother. Don't wish bad things for others.Those who harm others, get harmed themselves. Dear prince, don't get upset because your step mother put you to shame.In a way, she has done good to you. I am sure, you are as desirous as your brother, Uttama to sit on the throne. Inthat case, banish hatred from your mind and do as she has asked you to do. Workship Lord Hari with all devotion. Yourgrandfather and great grandfathers workshipped Lord Hari and acheived things which other great men could not andreached heights which others could only dream of. You are born in the family of such great men. Go and pray to LordNarayana and you are capable of getting what you want from him."

Dhurva listened to his mother intently. Noe he knew his mission. He fell at his mother's feet and obtained her blessings.He left the palace as he did not want to live in such a place even for a moment. He was rushing towards a forest.

Devarshi Narada came to know about Dhruva's plight and his leaving for the forest. He appeared before Dhruva and placinghis divine right palm on his head, he blessed him. Looking at young Dhruva, he felt surprised and said to himself, 'Allthe divine power of a prince can be seen on his face. What brightness! What resolve! He cannot bear the slightesthumiliation! He is still a young boy. How deeply the cutting words of his step mother have stuck his heart.!'Narada smiled gently and said,"Dear child where are you going? It appears as if you have left home after quarrellingwith someone. You are a young boy. It is nor proper to quarrel with elders and leave home in a huff."

Dhruva looked at the divine face of the sage full of love and benign smile and when he heard his soft loving words,he was almost enchanted. He fell at the sage's feet and said,"O holy one, how did you know about me? My heart finds nosolace. My step mother's harsh words have cut deep into my heart."

"Dear child Dhruva, you are on your way to please 'Lord Hari' as suggested by your mother, Aren't you? It is not thateasy. Even great sages after years of devoted hard effort, have failed to find the way to attain the feet of the Lord.Dear child, give up your stubborn desire and go back home. When you grow old enough you can attempt this almostimpossible task."

Dhruva listened to the sage's words dissuading him from going to the forest, and said in great reverence,"O holy one, it is rare that persons like me get an oppurtunity to see you. You have come to me on your own to help me and adviseme. I am a Kshatriya. The step mother's words still peirce my heart. Your words of wisdom do not get into my mindfull of tension. O greatest among the great, I have resolved to attain what none of my ancestors have achieved. Itis going to be the most exalted state in all the three worlds. Please show me the way to reach it. You are going roundthe three worlds, playing on the holy Veena, doing good to others. I am sure you can help me."

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