Narada 5

Dhruva listened to the sage's words dissuading him from going to the forest, and said in great reverence,"O holy one, it is rare that persons like me get an oppurtunity to see you. You have come to me on your own to help me and adviseme. I am a Kshatriya. The step mother's words still peirce my heart. Your words of wisdom do not get into my mindfull of tension. O greatest among the great, I have resolved to attain what none of my ancestors have achieved. Itis going to be the most exalted state in all the three worlds. Please show me the way to reach it. You are going roundthe three worlds, playing on the holy Veena, doing good to others. I am sure you can help me."

Sage Narada was very much pleased at the young prince's resolve. He placed his right hand on his head and blessed him saying,"The way suggested by your mother is the best and the most blessed way to achieve your heart's desire, dearchild. Pray to Lord Vasudeva with great devotion and concentration. You can get everything that will make your life opulent,blessed and successful. Righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation are the four purusharthas or objectives or aimsof a man and they can be attained only with the blessings of Lord Sri Hari and it is the only way to achieve the purusharthas.Dear prince Dhruvakumara, may success be yours. Go to a place called Madhuvana on the banks of he Yamuna where LordSri Hari's presence is always felt by devotees. Have a bath three times a day morning, noon and evening in the holy Yamuna.Perform your daily rites such as sandhyavandana etc. Then sit on a soft seat in a yogic posture. Do pranayama and bringabout the balance of mind and then meditate in your mind in the folowing way. Lord Sri Hari who blesses us with hisbounties is standing before me in a very pleasant and favourable mood. His eyes are bright and wide with attractive brows. He has a wellshaped pair of cheeks and red lips with a pleasnt smile, shining nose and mouth and the vaijanthigarland of flowers shines brightly round his neck. He is holding the conch, the wheel, the mace and a lotus in his fourhands - he has diamond - studded crown on his head, a pair of earrings, a pair of bracelets round his upper arms.Hisgrand necklace with the Kaustubha diamond and the silk cloth he is wearing make him very attractive. The toe rings havemade his feet fascinating. In short, his very handsome figure makes the on-looker very happy. The benign Lord is lookingat me with great love and affection.'

If you go on doing this meditation continuously your mind gets immersed in the Lord. While thinking thus you have to be chanting the holy incarnation. ' Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya.'

Dhruva, who was thus instructed by the Divine sage went round him four times and prostrated before him. After gettinghis blessings Dhruva went in the direction of Madhuvana.

After blessing Dhurva and direcing him towards Madhuvana, sage Narada went to the palace of king Uttanpada. The king felt ashamed of himself when he heard that prince dhruva had left for the forest. All the same, he wecomed the sage. Narada said, " O great king, you look sad. what ails you? what are you thinking about?"

" O holy sage, I have commited the worst blunder in my life. I spurned my elder son Dhruva, who came to me with all love. He wanted to sit in my lap. I have become the cause of his misery. I understand that he has left the land andhas gone to the forest. He must be suffering from hunger and thirst, or he might become a prey to a wild beast. I was afraid of my younger queen and commited this heinous crome. I am really sad."

The sage tried to console the king who was in great sorrow. He said,"O dear king do not be swimming in the sea of sorrow.Do not think that your son is helpless in the forest. He is under the protection of the omnipotent Lord Sri Harihimself. You are not aware of the greatness of your own son. He is going to become very famous. His strength ofcharacter is unequalled in all the three words. He is going to achieve what great emperors of yester years have not beenable to achieve. He is going to come back to you soon. He is going to add lustre to your name."Narada left the palace after consoling the king. He began to play on the Veena praising Lord Sri Hari and leftUttanpada's land, and what he said about prince Dhruva became true.

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