Narada 9

After a number of years, sage Narada visited the ashram of Valmiki again. as he descented from the sky he appeared shiningas brightly as the rising sun. seeing the glorious sight, sage Valmiki stood up in great reverence, accompanied by hisdisciples. He accorded a great welcome to Narada following rituals such as offerings arghya, Padya and acamaniya.

when he sat down he enquired about his welfare. Reciprocating the same Narada said,"Maharishi, is your penance goingon well? Are your disciples engaged in their studies? Is everyone well at the ashram? Are the birds and beasts in theashram and the surrounding of the ashram well?"

Valmiki touched Narada's feet and said,"O great sage, I would like to know about a person who has all the great qualitiesa man should possess? who is the most righteous? Who is the most grateful? Who is the best among the lovers of truth?Who is the person who performs all the required vratas with great devotion? who is the person who carries on the traditionhanded down to him without diminishing it's importance? Who is the person who loves and has concern for all the livingbeings? Who has mastered all the sixty four vidyas? who is the expert in everything he does? Is there anyone who isthe most handsome at all times? O holy one, let me know about such a person if there is one. Is there anyone who isbraver than any force? Is there anyone who has conquered anger and hatred? Is there anyone who shines with limitlesslustre? Is there anyone who is not jelous of other's good qualities? Who is the one who, when he gets ready to battle.makes even devas tremble with fear?Does such a paragon among human beings exist in the world? If such a one exists,who is he? You know everything and you will be in a position to tell me about such a great human being. Please letme know who he is.

Sage Narada was very happy when he heard the series of questions posted by Valmiki. He knew what was happening in eachcorner of the three worlds as a result of his constant wanderings and the the power of his inner eye. He said," O greatsage, you have asked me very good questions. You reffered to a number of great human qualities. It is rather difficultto find persons eve with just one or two of the qualities you have mentioned.. But I am happy to tell you that thereis one person in the world who has all these qualities personified to perfection. He is born in the family of Ikshwaku,the soon of Vaivaswath Manu. His name is sri Rama. He is a paragon among human beings."Then sage Narada went on describing in detail the great qualities of Sri Rama and in fact he narrated his story in detail.

Curse by Narada to Nala & Koobara

The world wakes up with the sun. All the activities start then. The sun does not get any benefit from any of theseactivities. He i fact, bestows on the world. In the same way sadhus and saints perform their duties without expecting any return. They try to do good to the world with all concern, kindness and love. They go round the world chantingthe holy name of God.

Once sage Narada was wandering on the slopes of the Himalayas. On the way there was a beatiful lake with pellucid water.It was called Lake Acchoda. Kubera's sons Nala and Koobara were swimming playing in the water with their wives. Whenthe women saw Narada they came out of the water and dressed themselves up in a hurry. But Nala and Koobara in greatarrogance did not dress themselves up. They were standing on the stone,naked.

When Narada saw their arrogance, he thought, 'These arrogant young men are the sons of Kubera, the lord of the north,cheif of Yakshas and Rakshasas with least respect for established customs and they are behaving as if no one can question them because they are the sons of Kubera. If they are not taught a lesson right now, they are going to be the scourge of three worlds.' Then he addressed the following words to those young men."Without knowing how to behavein the presence of elders, you stand naked as trees. May you be born as terminalia trees on the earth."

Realising their mistake, the two young men begged pardon of the sage. Then the sage said,"You will get salvation fromLord Krishna,"Narada left the place.

Narada's help to Yadavas

One day sri Krishna's grandson Aniruddha(son of Pradhyumna) was relaxing on a cot and suddenly he disappeared. No oneknew what had happened to him. The Yadavas became worried. Sage Narada appeared before Sri Krishna and told him whereAniruddha was and what his condition was. This way he helped the Yadavas to find one of their dear ones. In fact, hewas taken to Shonitapura, the capital of demon king Banasura by the help of some witchcraft. The youngman saw Banasura'sdaughter Usha Devi and fell in love with her. Banasura was furious and he tied Aniruddha up with nagapasha. The Yadavasasked Sri Krishna to go Shontipura and get back Aniruddha. Sri Krishna collected a huge army and marched towardsBanasura's capital. He laid seige on the city and defeated Banasura and brought back his grandson along with his fiancee,Usha Devi. Sri Krishna had to fight with Parashiva, who came to the help of Banasura. Narada, by revealing thewhereabouts of Aniruddha, helped Sri Krishna defeat Banasura. The arrogant asura was subdued and Sri Krishna's greatbravery was revealed to the world.

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