Durvasa 10

Ambareesha prays

When Durvasa folded his hands before Ambarisha the king felt embarrased. The king who was kindness incarnate, prayed."O cheif of all weapons, you are fire, the sun, the moon, the five elements and you are everything. I make oblations toyou. Please save this brahmin.

"You are dharma, amrutha, yajna, sustenance of the world, saviour of the three worlds, scourge of the asura clan, no onehas understood your greatness. Sri Hari has been using you to destroy the wicked and to protect the righteous. Please bringpeace and prosperity to sage Durvasa in order to bring good fortune to our family. If I have done any good deed in my life,if I have given alms to the needy, ad if my ancestors and I have respected brahmins and served let Durvasa be fired fromthis curse." The Chakra was pleased with the king's prayer and Durvasa was saved. he praised the king whole heartedly.

He praised Ambarisha

"Today I have realised the greatness of the devotees od Sri Hari. Even though I mistook you and tried to harm you, you havedone me great good."

"Emperor Ambarisha I am blessed. You are kind and merciful. You have shown mercy on me and saved me"said Durvasa.

End of the Vrita

Durvasa had taken one year trying escape from Sudarshan Chakra seeking refuge in different places and finally returningto the king. All the while Ambarisha did not eat anything. He waited for the sage to come back. At the end of this episode,he touched the sage's feet and begged him to become cool and then made him eat. He gave him a sumptuous feast and whenthe sage finished his meal, the king broke his fast only when the sage gave his consent.

In praise of a devotee of Sri Hari

Durvasa was very happy. He realised the great strength of a devotee of Lor Shri Hari. He said,"O king you are the greatestamong the devotees of Shri Hari. I am pleased and blessed in your company. Let the apsaras in heaven be constantly singingyour praise and let it remain on earth for ever." Thus the sage showered encomiums on the king. Getting permission fromthe king sage Durvasa left for Brahmaloka.

Durvasa in Vishnu Purana

As narrated in the ninth canto of the first part of Visnupurana, we get the following details about Durvasa.Once while Durvasa was travelling round the world he saw a garland of flowers in the hand of a maiden called Vidyadhari.It was made of flowers from Kalpavriksha. The garland was fragrant. Durvasa desired to have it and asked the maiden togive it to him. Vidyadhari made oblations to the sage and gave the garland to him. Durvasa tied it to his matted hairand left the place.

Devendra's arrogance and Durvasa's curse

While Durvasa was tralling he saw Devndra riding his Iravatha, the divine elephant. Durvasa took out the garland of flowersfrom his hair and threw it to Devendra as prasad. devendra picked it up and placed it on the elephant's head. The elephantin a state of must picked the garland and cursed it under its foot.

When Durvasa saw it he was very angry and said,"Lo Devendra, you have not respected this garland which is the source of allwealth. You did not make oblations to me and said you are blesed. As you have not respected the divine gift you are goingto lose all your wealth in the three worlds. If I get angry, the entire world trembles with fear. You have shown disrespectto me as a result of your unbridled pride and arrogance."

Devendra was mortally frightened of the sage's curse. He begged the sage to pardon him.

Durvasa was not in a mood to relent. He said,"Look here, Devendra, I am not as merciful as other sages. I do not have thequality to pardon others. Sages like Gowthama, pardoned you and as a result of it your arrogance has doubled. Even sageslike Vasishta respect you and have given you an exalted position. As a result of all these, you have put me to shame. Whatmore can I say except telling you that I am not going to pardon you." So saying he left the place in a huff. Devendra lostall his wealth. He had to pray to Goddess. Lakshmi who restored him all that he had lost.

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