Durvasa 2

Lakshmana and Sage Durvasa

Lakshmana stood at the door while Sri Rama and Kalapurusha had a discussion in the royal chamber. Lakshamanahad never disobeyed his brother's order. Unfortunately sage Durvasa came to the palace to meet Sri Rama. He saw Lakshamana at the door. He went to him and said,"Lakshamana take me to Sri Rama at once. I have to discusssomething with him. If I fail to do so, it would be too late for an important work I have to do."

Lakshmana heard Durvasa patiently and made obeisance to him, Then he said,"Revered sage, if I can do somethingto make you happy, I will most gladly do it for you. But Sri Rama is otherwise engaged. Kindly wait till he isfree."

The sage was very angry when he heard Lakshmana's words . He looked at Lakshmana as if he was going to burn himalive. His eyes turned red. He said,"Lakshmana, you must go and inform Sri Rama about my presence here. If yourefuse to do so, I am going to curse you so that you, Ayodhya, Sri Rama, Bharatha, in sort your entire clan is goingto perish. If you fail to do what I ask you to do, I cannot control my anger."

When Lakshmana heard the terrible words of sage Durvasa he realised that he had to do a work which was forbiddento be done, he trembled with fear. He thought for a moment and said to himself,'It does not matter if I die, but Icannot let our clan, and the kingdom perish'. Without a moment's thought he went in and informed Sri Rama aboutthe arrival of sage Durvasa.

Sri Ramachandra and Sage Durvasa

When Sri Rama heard Lakshmana, he bade good bye to Kalpurusha and got ready to receive the sage. He saw the radiantface of sage Durvasa, made obeisance and recived him with great reverence. Then with folded hands he said,"Kim,Karyam Mahamune?" Which means what can I do for you O great sage? Please let me know and it will be done."Durvasa was extremely pleased and said,"O righteous king, please listen to me. You are the purest and sinless.I have been fasting for a thousand years as part of a Vrita. It ends today. I would like to eat wahtever foodis ready in your palace."

Sri Rama was supremely happy to know that the great sage had come to him seeking his hospitality. He seved him thefood ready in the palace. Sage Durvasa was very happy to have food equal to nectar and the reverential way in whichSri Rama played host to him. At the end of the meal he said,"Great, Sri Rama, great" he thus praised Sri Rama blessedhim and left for his ashram.

When sage Durvasa left the palace Sri Rama renounced Lakshmana as he had promised Kalapurusha. Lakshmana went toriver Sarayu and with the help of yoga he ascended to Vaikunta.

In Vaikunta he assumed his original form of Adhishesha and began to wait for Sri Rama's arrival.Sage Durvasa became instrumental in helping Lakshmana to reach Vaikunta and assume the form of Adishesha, whoprovided Mahavishnu a seat to sit on, and wait for the arrival of the Lord of three worlds.

Durvasa in the Mahabharatha as a Ritwik

Once emperor Swethaki, who was equal to Devendra in every respect, decided to perform a hundered year long Mahayagaand he invited famous brahmins to come and act as ritwiks at the yaga. None of them agreed and they asked him toseek the help of god Rudra. As ordered by Rudra, Swethaki observed brahmacharya for twelve years and pleasedRudra. Once again he prayed for Rudra's help. Bhagawan Shankara (Rudra) remembered Sage Durvasa who was, in fact, a spark of his divine power and when he came, he asked Durvasa to act as ritwik at the yaga of emperor Swethaki.Durvasa said 'badham', 'so be it' and acted as ritwik at the emperors Mahayaga.

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