Durvasa 5

Mudgala's test by Durvasa

Sage Mudgala's fame spread far and wide. Somehow Durvasa also came to know about it. He put on a very strangelooking dress, prentending to be mad, with dishevelled hair he made his appearence in sage Mudagala's ashram.He said, 'O large hearted brahmana, I have come here to eat. I am hungry. Give me food."

Mudgala welcomed Durvasa with all traditional rituals, made him sit, and served him delicious food. Durvasa ate a lot and smeared his body with the rest and left the place. He did not allow not even a crumb to be left in the pot and thereforeMudgala could not get any food for himself. He had no food left. He collected grains during the next half of themonth and perfomed Ishtiyaga. Durvasa was present during the yaga and he ate to the last crumb leaving the sagenothing. This way he did it for six times. Mudgala did not grow emotional. His wife and children also sufferedthe same fate, but they remained as cool as the sage. But Durvasa was determined to upset his balance of mindand make his angry.

Mudgala's Appreciation

When Durvasa realised that Mudgala and his family suffered enough but kept their cool, he decided to end his test. Hecame to the sage and said,'O great sage Mudgala, there is no one equal to you in giving others without either feelingjealous or getting tired.

"Hunger is a terrible thing. A hungry man does not think of dharma. It is difficult to control one's mind at thattime. Concentration and controlling of one's senses are prerequisities of a tapasvi.

"Dear sage Mudgala, you have given everything you have collected during your Oncha Vritti without any reservation.No one in this world can give away everything as you have done. I am really pleased with your hospitality. I amalso blessed in the company of a pure and sincere person like you.

"Courage, mercy, control of the senses, peace concern, truth and righteous conduct are your forte. As a resultof all the gods deeds you have been doing gods are pleased with you and your salvation is near at hand." Durvasapraised Mudgala whole heartedly. What a precious diamond had he unearthed!

Durvasa arrival at Hastinapura

When the Pandavas lost to the Kauravas in the game of dice, they had to go to the forest for twelve years. Thoughthey were in the forest, they were not dejected. They spent time listening to discourses on religion, and thinkingabout doing good to others. When Duryodhana heard about the contented life the Pandavas were leading, he feltjealous of them. He discussed the ways and means of putting them to shame with his aides Dushasana, Shakuni andKarna. at that time sage Durvas happened to visit Hastinapura with his eleven thousand disciples.

As soon as Duryodhana heard about the arrival of Durvasa who was short tempered, he put an end to his discussions,he came out and received the sage with all honour, performing proper rituals. The sage stayed in the palace fora number of days.

Duryodhana serves Durvasa

As Duryodhana knew the nature of Durvasa, he took special care to see that the sage was not given any room to bedispleased with the royal hospitality. He took upon the responsibility of providing the sage with all needs himself.The sage would ask for food and when it was ready he would say he was not hungry and did not need food. Duryodhanadid not lose his temper. When he disposed of all the food thinking that the sage would not eat, he would say thathe was hungry and he needed food. He would ask for food in the middle of night. Even he was provided with thebest and the most delicious food, he would not but complain that it was not good. Still Duryodhana pretendedhappiness. He never showed any outward dissatisfaction.

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