Durvasa 8

"Vasudeva, everything in this house which is broken, burnt or destroyed will all be restored and they will shinewith extra brightness."You have smeared the left over payasam on your body. Therefore you will have the power to choose the moment ofyour death. My dear child Krishna why didn't you smear payasam on your legs?'I did not like this. Therefore hehad not smeared it on his legs. When the sage finished sayign what he wanted to say, I saw my body shine with divinebrightness.
"Then he spoke to Rukmini" O the most beautiful one you will attain fame than any other woman in the world. Youwill never be visited by old age, diseases, lack of brightness and any other thing that would make you look unattractive.You will become very dear to Keshava.
Durvasa said this much and then when he was about to leave our place, he said,"Keshva, kindly have the sameregard towards brahmins." From that very day I began to perform a secret Vritha. If any brahmana asls for anythingI will do it without questioning.

Durvasa repents
Durvasa asked Krishna why he had not smeared on his limbs the payasam given to him as prasadam. Sri Krishna repliedsaying,"O great sage, you are a great man. The payasam you gave me as prasadam is scared. How can I smear it on mylegs. If I did so I would put you to shame. Therefore I did not do so." When he heard this he became highly repentantand said,"Krishna, you are a great man. I fumbled and cursed you saying that you will die only by an injury to yourleg." Sri Krishna told him not to be repentant on that score. It is the will of god.'When my incarnation should cometo an end, I will meet my end only through my leg.

Durvasa in Srimadbhagavatha
It was Durvasa who was responsible for bringing out the greatness of the greatest devotee of Sri Han, Ambareesha by cursinghim.

Ambareesha the devotee of Vishnu
Ambareesha was the son of Nabhaga of the Manu clan. He was a great devotee of Sri Hari, large hearted, righteous and hewas the emperor of the entire world which included the seven great islands. Though he had immerse wealth and everythingto make him happy he did not attach much importance to material wealth. He considered them equal to a lump of soul, andjust a dream.

He was granted Sudarshan!
Ambareesha had performed a large number of Ashwamedhayagas and had worshipped Yajnapurusha Sri Krishna with great evotion.He had considered every other thing of little value before the bliss which he had derived from being a devotee of SriKrishna and detached himself from all worldly affairs.Sri Hari was greatly pleased with the king's unfailing devotion and granted him his divine weapon, Sudarshana chakra. Thequeen was also a great devotee of Sri Hari.

Observance of Ekadashi Vrita
Once the king decided to observe Ekadashi Vrita for one full year in order to please lord Vishnu. Dwadashi, the next daywas very important in the observance of ekadashi when this observance of the Vrita was complete, he fasted for threenights in the month of Kartika (October) and workshipped Lord Krishna by offering pooja in all the sixteen ways of doinghomage, served meals to brahmins and gave six croces of cows as gift and then with the permission of holy men he was getting ready for beginning the vrita.

Arrival of Durvasa
At the time sage Durvasa who was capable of granting boons and heaping curses on others came to the king as a guest. Theking recived him in the traditional way and asked him to have food. Durvasa agreed and went out to have a bath. He hadbath in the Yamuna chanting hymns in praise of God.

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