Durvasa 3

Kuntiboja and Durvasa

Once the great sage Durvasa visited the court of king Kuntibija. The sage came holding his holy danda. He had his matted hair tied properly. He was radiant as Agnideva himself. But he spoke words sweet as honey. Tapas and the studyof the Vedas were his forte.

This great sage was received by the king in a fitting way. Then the sage said,"O great king, I would like to live in your palace for a few days. I will receive bhiksha in your palace. When I feel like going out might goand come back whe I please. There should not be any obstacles to my movements, food and rest. When I get up fromsleep, everything should be ready for my bath and daily anushtana."

King Kuntiboja agreed to all the terms set by the sage because he knew that the brahmin sage had no worldy desires.He thought it was his great good fortune that he was given a chance to serve a sage in his palace.He said to Durvasa,"O great sage, I have a daughter by name Pritha who is an adept in the art of looking afterguests. She is extremely good natured and committed to what she does. She will serve you, I am sure with greatcare and devotion. She will show you utmost respect. You will be pleased with the way she conducts herself beforeyou."

Kunti placed in charge of looking after Durvasa

Then he served the sage with arghya and padya and with his permission he went to see his daughter. He told her aboutsage Durvasa's conditions and said,"Dear Pritha, I know you serve brahmins devotely. Durvasa has come to stay in thepalace as long as he likes. He is a great sage, a great scholar in Vedas and shastras. You have to serve himwithout causing him the slightest displeasure. You have to serve him in such a way that my word given to him doesnot become false. This great brahmin is capable of granting boons and at the same time heaping curses. If he is pleased withyou he may grant you a most wonderful boon. On the other hand if he becomes angry he may reduce our entire clanto ashes. Pritha, dear, please do not forget it. Durvasa's anger is known in all the three worlds. A slightmistake on our part, would make him angry as the destroyer during the deluge." He did not go to any house withoutbeing directed by fortune and Pritha knew it well. She said,"Dear father, I will serve sage Durvasa with devotionand commitment. I will not do anything to falsify the world you gave him. I will make him pleased."

Durvasa agrees

The king was pleased with his daughter's words. He brought her to Durvasa and said,"O great sage this is my daughterPritha. She is also called Kunti. I am leaving her with you to serve you. She is a very young girl. If she makesany mistake unknowingly, kindly pardon her. Accept her services with love."The sage was pleased with the king's words and said,"So be it"

Durvasa's Lodgings

The king was overjoyed at the happenings. He gave a part of the palace for the sage to live. It was very cleanand had all the facilities. The kitchen was equipped with everything excellent.

Kunti's pure hearted service

Princess' Kunti was ready to serve the sage. Just by looking at the sage's face she would understand his needs,and get them ready in no time. She began to serve him with utmost devotion.Durvasa was observing very strict vritas. His routine was very strict, but Kunti rose to the occasion and wouldnot give the sage any chance to get dissatisfied.

Sometimes he would leave the palace saying that he would come in the morning, but return in the evening. All thefood she had prepared would get bad by then. She would prepare fresh food. When he finished eating she wouldget his bed ready.

Kuntibhoja was anxious all the time fearing that his daughter would make small mistakes and that would make the sage angry. He would visit the sage now and then and beg him not to get angry with Kunti for her mistakes.When a person is short tempered, it may not be so easy for the person stop from getting angry now and then.The sage would point out the princess small mistakes and scold her for the same, he would speak harsh words. ButKunti's attention was on correcting her mistakes and her service became better each day.

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