Durvasa 11

Durvasa in Gargya Samhitha

As related in the first chapter of Madhurya canto of Gargya Samhita we get the following details about Durvasa.

Durvasa the preceptor of Sri Krishna

Once Sri Krishna was late when he rached the house of gopikas. When they asked for the reason Sri Krishna replied," My preceptorsage Durvasa came to Bhandera. I had to play host to him and that is why I am late.

"The gopikas also desired to have his darshan. Then there was a problem. It was night and there was no boat to ferry themacross the Yamuna.

"If Sri krishna is an ever brahmachary, and if you pray to goddess Yamuna to give way to you she will certainly give way toyou" suggested Krishna.

Devotion to Gopi's

The Gopikas did as suggested by Krishna and Mother Yamuna gave them way to cross the river. The Gopikas had prepared fiftysix different varieties of sweets and other food items and carried them in big vessels and went to Bhandera area whereDurvasa was camping.

They made oblations to sage Durvasa and offered him the various food items and each one begged him to eat them.When the sage understood that their devotion was pure, he was pleased and said, "Dear Gopi's I am an ascetic and I am satisfied with very simple things. I do not do much physical labour. Now you put a little of what each of you have brought intomy mouth." So saying he sat with his mouth open.

The Gopikas were very happy and one by one they began to put eatables into his mouth. In a moment their vessels were empty. Gopikasbegan to stare at each other. They are surprised.

Durvasa's Life

They touched his feet and asked him how to reach the place where they could see Krishna.Durvasa replied saying,"It is very simple. Go with the same ease with which you came here. Ask Yamuna, "If it is true thatSage Durvasa lives just on the juice made of durve grass and if it is true that he does not touch other food items, you have to allow us go across you smoothly."

Gopikas did as they were told and they could easily reach the place where Krishna could be found.

Gopikas had a doubt about the relashionship between the teacher and the pupil and they asked Krishna,"Krishna, you engage in rasakreeda with us, yet you say you are a brahmachari. Yourteacher says he lives of juice prepared from durve, but he ate everything we gave him. Are you two liers?

Water drops on a lotus leaf

Sri krishna is one who has no attachment for anything he possesses, he is not proud, he treats everyone equally, he is omniscient.He has conquered love and hatred.

He enjoys worldly pleasures without breaking the rules of dharma and he thinks constantly of Brahma and therefore he is a brahmarchari.

One who gives up every worldly possession, and does everything in the name of god without expecting the fruit, is freefrom all sins. Just like water drops do not wet a lotus leaf, he is free from sins. Sage Durvasa is a yogi of that status.He ate all the eatables just to satidfy the gopikas and not with a desire to eat. In reality he lived on the juice ofdurve grass.

Durvasa in Skandapurana

In skandapurana there is a reference in its Kashikhanda, and its says that Durvasa spent years in the holy place of Kashi,performing tapas and got enlightened.

Sage engaged in tapas in kashi

Once after going round the world he came to kashi. he was filled with bliss, and he liked the place. he chose the place for his tapas and did not appear before him. The sage was very angry. he was about to curse the entire palce. Lord Shivawho understood his mind, appeared before him, smiling but by that time the fire of his anger ahd reached the sky. Allthe gods began to tremble with fear. They came down to the place in such large numbers that was no space left for anyone to stand and breathefreely.


Lord Shankara stood before the angry sage and said,"It is not false that Kashi is a place where people get salvation. Pleasedo not curse that no one should get salvation in this holy place. Ask for anything you desire and it is given."Sage Durvasa held his head low in shame for being in a terrible haste. he felt very sorry for his own behaviour. He prayedto the lord sincerly, praised the holy place profusely and attained great wisdom.

Most people have the notion that Durvasa always gets angry for silly reasons and curses people. One should not forget thatmany a time a curse by him brings about the welfare of the people. It has not even an atom of selfish motive.

It is true that Sage Durvasa used to deal with people harshly. he did it only to test the person and turn him out to be pureas gold. It was indeed a great quality. Pranams to great Sage Durvasa.


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