Durvasa 6

Duryodhana was blessed

Sage Durvasa was pleased with Duryodhana and said he would grant him anything he asked for. Duryodhana had alreadydecided what to ask for. He had planned it with the help of his aides.

He could have got anything from Durvasa, but with the sole intention of putting Pandavas to embarrassment he spoketo the Maharshi saying, "O great sage, you have accepted my hospitality and blessed me in the same way pleaseaccept the hospitality of the Pandavas and bless them. I would like you to go to them when Draupadi had servedwveryone, completed eating her meal, washed the vessels and retired to rest at night.

As soon as Durvasa heard Duryodhana's strange request, without a word he said, "Just to please you I am going tocarry out the task as you desired."

Akshaya vessel helps

Yudhishtira, when he lost the game of dice, had to retire to the forest along with his brothers and wife Draupadi.Hundereds of scholarly brahmins also followed him. Yudhishtira found himself unable to feed them. Then he prayedto sage Dhaumya to help him. On the sage's advice, Yudhishtira prayed the sun-god and pleased. The sun-god appearedbefore him and gave him a copper vessel saying, "Dear king this is the akshaya patra. This will give food for all ofyou and also for the guests who comw to you. But as soon as your wife finishes wating, the vessel will becomeempty and then it will fill itself only the next day."The Pandavas followed the condition set by Suryadeva and were able to play host to hundered of guests and eat forthemselves.

Durvasa in the Pandava Ashram

One night sage Durvasa landed in the ashram of the Pandavas along with his ten thousand disciples. Yudhishtirawas happy and he received the sage with all formalities and his brothers helped him. Without an atom of thoughthe said, "O great sage, have a bath and come back to receive our hospitality."

Draupadi was in dire straits. She was happy that sage Durvasa had made their ashram sacred by paying a visit, but howcould she prepare food for ten thousand people? She Krishna would help her. She began to pray. "O supreme lordSri Krishna, Vasudeva, Paramatma, Viswatma, it was you who saved me when I was about to be put to great shamein Kaurava's court. Now my husbands are in serious trouble and take refuge under your grace. Please save us."

Sri Krishna's arrival

Sri Krishna heard Draupadi's prayer and came straight to the forest not even informing Rukmini. He stood beforeDraupadi who was still in deep meditation. Her joy knew no bounds when she saw her saviour, whom she had fixedin her heart and praying, standing before her. Tears of joy began to roll down her checks. She touched his feetand gave him a seat to sit. She told him about the arrival of sage Durvasa along with his ten thousands disciples. Playfully Sri Krishna said to Draupadi, "Krishne (Draupadi is also called by the name Krishne) I have travelleda long distance and I am hungry. give something to eat first and then we will talk about your problem."

"O Lord, the akshayapatra given by Suryadeva is empty and my dinner is also over," pleaded Krishne.

"Sister don't make fun of me. I am really hungry as a wof. Get me that pot. Let me see,"said Krishna. He got thepot lmost by force. There was a small piece vegetable sticking sticking on the inside. Sri Krishna tool it betweenhis index finger and thumb and put it in his mouth. Then he said to Draupadi, "Dear krishne, when I was hungry, Iate the piece of vegetable you gave me. Let Sri Hari who is Eswara and visvatma be satisfied."Then he called Sahadeva and asked him to go to the river and get Durvasa and his followers for dinner. Sahadevawent to the river to carry out Sri Krishna's bidding.

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